• On-Location Single or Multiple HD Camera Recording
  • On-Location Body-worn DV Rig (similar to SteadyCam)
  • On-Location Teleprompting
  • On-Location LED Lighting
  • On-Location Multiple Wireless Audio Microphones, Mixing Board & Recording
  • On-Location Multiple Camera Video & Audio Monitoring
  • On-Location Computer Screen / PowerPoint Capture to HD Video
  • On-Location Green Screen & Blue Screen Recording

On-Location Video Recording

Available Anywhere in U.S. 

Basic Camera Package Includes:

  • One Sony NXCAM Camera, AC Power, Batteries
  • One Sony LED Camera Light
  • One Sachtler Carbon-fiber Tripod or Bogen Tripod with Dolly
  • VariZoom Lens Control
  • Two Sennheiser Wireless Microphones (lapel or handheld)
  • Audio Headset
  • One Camera Operator

DV Rig:

  • Body-worn Camera Support (similar to SteadyCam)
  • Allows steady recording without the use of a tripod
  • Quickly move from one location to another
  • Great for capturing live footage and on-the-move footage
  • Perfect for capturing quick interviews

On-Location Teleprompting:

  • Allows professional and novice on-screen talent to deliver messages flawlessly
  • Able to prompt Text (MS WORD) and PowerPoint Presentations
  • Quick on-location script revisions
  • Large screen allows multiple presenters in the same shot
  • Quick dolly from one location to another
  • Requires Single (or multiple) Camera Package
  • Includes:
    • Heavy-duty Bogen Tripod and Dolly
    • Teleprompter Hardware
    • Laptop Computer with Teleprompter Software
    • Computer Operator
    • Assorted Cables, AC Power, Etc.

June 2015: Clark's Video Group recorded Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton, in Mayor's executive boardroom, Phoenix, AZ.

Camera operator: Tim Clark

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Recording in Walmart Supercenters, Neighborhood Markets and Sam's Clubs.

Teleprompting in various Walmart Supercenters, Neighborhood Markets and Sam's Clubs. 

Recording a training video for a Walmart Supplier

Using DV Rig for capturing soundbites from interview

On-Location LED Lighting:

  • LED is cool illumination. Not hot like old fashion incandescen bulbs
  • Complete five light On-Location kit
  • Each light is dimmable, creating smooth and even lighting
  • Great for interviews, presentations, etc
  • Quick set up and tear down

LED Lighting in various Walmart Supercenters, Neighborhood Markets and Sam's Clubs. 

  LED Lighting is cool to the touch.                                 No more sweating under hot bulbs